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About the Ranch

Rocky Ridge Ranch is a small, family-owned Oregon Corporation.  It is owned by the Ryan Family.  The ranch is located on the east slope of the Mt. Hood National Forest, eight miles south of Wamic, on the breaks of the White River.

The ranch consists of forest, pasture and irrigated crop land.  The irrigation is applied with three quarter mile pivots, six wheel lines, 100 hand lines, and some flood irrigation.  All of the wheel lines and hand lines are operated with gravity pressure.  The pivots are gravity assisted with high efficiency backup pumps from large reservoirs.

The primary products of the ranch are orchard grass hay, natural cattle, grass seed and wildlife habitat.  Clover seed, wheat and barley have also been grown in the past.  Along with the above products, the ranch runs a fly fishing catch and release operation on three large reservoirs.

The irrigation water comes from the Mt. Hood National Forest.  It is delivered by the Lost and Boulder Ditch Improvement District.  Along with the district water, the ranch has seven large reservoirs with storage capacity of approximately six hundred acre feet of water.

The outstanding features of the ranch are the proximity to the Mt. Hood National Forest and the White River, the abundance of inexpensive water with seven large reservoirs, wildlife, and the miles of New Zealand fencing.  The ranch is well balanced between cropland, forestland, and wildlife habitat.

For more detailed information about Rocky Ridge Ranch, contact the Ryan Family at info@rockyridgeranchoregon.com or call (541) 490-9972.

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